Simple Feast

The company offers plant-based meal kits to consumers in Denmark, Sweden and California.

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The box

Like many meal-kit providers, Simple Feast was challenged by packaging waste. In line with the company’s sustainable profile, the team decided to push the boundaries of packaging and design a box suitable for reuse.

The result is a superior box that combines functionality and design to give a high-quality experience.

The box is

> Made of 99,75% bio-based material
> Durable and long lasting
> Stackable and modular
> Optimized for quick and easy sanitation
> All materials are fully recyclable or reusable at the end of life
> Insulated for non-cooled last mile delivery
> Intelligent and trackable using RFID technology

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Simple Feast has reduced packaging waste with a box that perfectly matches their brand.

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How The Cirqle Platform works

Read more about how our platform works to make reuse the easy choice.

  • We replace single-use packaging with reuse systems in the food and beverage industry.¬†Through technology and a reuse service, we make reuse packaging a reality.