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Reusable packaging

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Connected service

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Scalable solution

Who is Cirqle?

Cirqle offers reusable packaging to companies in the food and beverage industry. We have developed a reusable box for deliveries of F&B: the DoGoodBox. We handle the entire reuse process for our customers including washing and logistics coordination.

Our mission is to reduce the amount of packaging waste produced in the food and beverage industry through reusing packaging. When we reuse packaging we significantly lower its environmental impact.

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The DoGoodBox

Our DoGoodBox is made for reuse. Its durable, optimized for washing and logistics and made to protect its contents for better quality, whether cooled or not.

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Reusable packaging made to last 150+ returns

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Cooled and non-cooled option

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4 different sizes

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Connected packaging by RFID and QR code

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Box recycled and made into new boxes at end of life

How it works

We deliver reusable packaging as a service. That means that we handle the entire reuse process for our customers so they don't have to worry about a thing.

The service is made up of intelligent packaging, washing and integration and overseeing of logistics. All enabled and handled on the Cirqle online platform.


Driven by technology

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The DoGoodBox is fitted with RFID chips which connect the box to our platform. We use the power of technology to deliver tracking and valuable insights. The track-and-trace platform allows our customers to follow the journey and gather insight on process.

The box also includes a QR code, which enables consumer interaction where they can access information such as reuse activity and offers.

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Online platform to manage your reusable packaging service

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Asset tracking with RFID

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QR codes for consumer interaction

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Environmental impact measuring and reporting

Join the reuse movement.

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