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Reusable packaging

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Scalable solution

Who is Cirqle?

Born with a mission to eliminate single-use packaging waste, Cirqle specializes in managing reusable packaging systems. We have developed a solution driven by technology in which we handle the entire reuse process for our customers, including washing and logistics. Our approach means that we can handle any reuse case on our platform.

With technology we close the loop on packaging and use natural resources to their fullest potential. Our customers can reduce CO2 and stop creating waste with the same level of convenience as single-use packaging.



Driven by technology

Using RFID tags we can make any packaging digital and connected to our platform. Tags allow tracking of packaging, which enables features for every packaging item on the platform. The system is built for optimizing the reuse process from the outset by providing valuable insights and analytics about the process. QR codes are used to enable consumer interaction in our webapp, where they can find information such as reuse activity and offers.

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Online platform to manage your reusable packaging service

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Asset tracking with RFID

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QR codes consumer interaction

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Environmental impact measuring and reporting


The solution

We deliver reusable packaging as a service, which means that we handle the entire reuse process for our customers. This way, they don't have to worry about a thing.

The service consists of intelligent packaging, washing and logistics. All enabled and handled on the Cirqle online platform.

Reusable packaging

With our solution, we can handle many different types of reusable packaging. Packaging that is reusable has to have properties that ensures durability and effective reuse. We work with our partners to ensure that packaging is designed for reuse and optimized for a circular supply chain.

We can help with reusable boxes, cups, crates, or any other resuable packging type.

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Connected packaging by RFID and QR code

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Always recyclable end of life

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Optimized for logistics and washing

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Our partners

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