The infinite loop for home deliveries

We help you replace single-use with circular packaging in the food and beverage industry using technology.

A Reuse Platform and Service

At Cirqle we want to fight single-use packaging and change the way that packaging is used. We use the power of technology to make packaging intelligent and integrating it in a platform that makes reuse efficient and easy. Our technology platform is connected with our reuse service in which we handle reuse packaging for customers in the food and beverage industry. We currently handle reuse packaging in the meal-kit industry, but the sky is the limit when it comes to reuse packaging.

Who is Cirqle?

We bring technology and packaging together to lower the impact of packaging.

  • We replace single-use packaging with reuse systems in the food and beverage industry.¬†Through technology and a reuse service, we make reuse packaging a reality.